Charity for Andrey

Дорогие друзья! Сейчас максимально остро стоит вопрос о свободе Андрея.

It’s a challenging time for many people right now and I know some people really need support and I that’s why I’m calling all of you to come together and hear the story or my friend. He, his wife, their kids are in the midst of a crisis and they really need your help.

Andrey’d been arrested in Bali for ‘possession’ of ‘drugs’.

The story is very long and complex but the jist of it is this — he ‘opened’ a package that was sent from an unknown source and addressed to someone else and it contained 250 gr mimosa 250 gr garmolla that contains dmt which is illigal in indonesia and supposed to be used for ayawaska ceremonies.

Or unknowingly having medicine that is legal in one country but not in the next.

And it wasn’t even his.

I can’t go into more details in this forum but basically, over there the consequences for ‘possession of drugs’ are the same whether it’s a tiny amount of or a large amount of something far more sinister.

According to my personal opinion people never should get into the jail for sacred medicine.

Andrey’s wife had a hard time helping him here in Bali and taking care of their new born child, she’ve hardly slept, eaten or washed and all she could think about is how we keep get the father of her kid out a potential 5-15 year sentence in one of the toughest prisons in the world, Kerobokan.

It’s a very weird place to be.

Andrey has ex wife and other kids from beloved women and friends and we all won’t stand by and watch this happen to him. He is an amazing man and human being that helped many people.

So here’s the bottom line.

We need to crowdfund just over $100,000 USD within the next 70 days to pay the legal fees that will enable him to serve 6-12 months in a hospital “rehab” facility instead of 5-15 years in prison.

It’s a large amount of money but I know that with your help it will get done.

Each of us are connected to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people online.

We can do this. But, let me be clear. We HAVE to manage this VERY carefully so as not to jeopardise Andrey’s case.

So please don’t comment anything anywhere online about this situation unless it’s positive. There must be no negativity about Indonesia or their system.

Please don’t tag Andrey in any posts about it.

Just contact me privately if you need more details OR if you would like to donate, please visit the PayPal.Me link below which is in his sisters name and in USD dollars.

This is a true ‘life or death’ situation and it’s made me ridiculously grateful for all the small freedoms we all have each day.

I can’t watch his children grow up with their father behind bars… or worse — please help.

Send only good vibes. Visualise him happy and healthy with his children completely free. Help in any way you can.

Here is the PayPal me link to donate >>

Again -if you need more details please PM me however please be aware that I can’t chat about it too much as I’m receiving so many messages, replying to them has become a full time job on it’s own.

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